【Win/Mac】AE镜头光晕耀斑插件:Videocopilot – Optical Flares v1.3.5 支持 AE CC 2015

【Win/Mac】AE镜头光晕耀斑插件:Videocopilot – Optical Flares v1.3.5 支持 AE CC 2015

Terrascape是具有12个独特且高度详细的地形的3D模型包。该软件包是为Element 3D制作的,但是由于我们以.OBJ的形式提供文件,因此它也可以用于几乎所有3D软件。我们还提供了包含三类岩石材质体图,分别针对雪,绿色和沙漠!还包括“ 智能精简” 模型,文件大小减小了 80%,可大大提高渲染速度!这意味着您可以互换使用“高多边形”和“ 智能精简”模型!无论您要创建哪种场景,Terrascape都能满足您的需求!提供E3D三维建模包和3D软件的壮丽景观高度结合的详细8K纹理和更多。最大化Element 3D的分辨率,所有纹理均为超高清8K分辨率!


Terrascape is a 3D Model pack with twelve unique and highly detailed terrains. The pack is made for Element 3D, but it can also be used in almost any 3D software since we supply the files as .OBJ’s. We also include a detailed rock with three materials for Snow, Green, and Desert! Also included is the Smart Reduced models which are 80% smaller file sizes which greatly increases render speeds! This means you can use the High Poly and Smart Reduced models interchangeably! No matter what kind of scene you are trying to create, Terrascape has you covered!


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